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Thus ended the year 2020. So, in summary, how the year 2020 affected the world as well as Sri Lanka is as follows. The year 2020 marked a historic year in which the tourism industry was severely hampered. People were plagued by an epidemic that was never expected to affect the world. A large number of people around the world fell victim to this virus. Although there is no specific cure for this virus called covid 19, local and foreign doctors are making a huge effort to do so. At the same time, as the virus was able to be controlled to some extent in Sri Lanka, the tourism industry was resumed with a few health care practices.

Not without the good things that have happened to the world with all of this. 2020 has become a year that is highly geared towards agriculture. It can also be described as a vacation to spend more time with family to work closely with nature. People are more inclined to work online. With the closure of the school, the activities of the students were done online. While one section of the population spent their time happily, others lived their lives with great difficulty, with no food to eat.

It is the wish of all the people of the world to step into the year 2021 with the hope that the world will return to its former glory and the tourism industry will be restored. So with that wish, we wish the world a speedy recovery and 2021 to be a happy year for the world.

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