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Alugal Kanda

Alugal Kanda

Alugalkanda, 1809 m above sea level, is located on the Knuckles Range, a distinctive peak with a steep slope on one side and a rough rock slope on the other. Many people have gone to Alugallena but very few have reached the top of the mountain due to the fact that there is no footpath to reach the top of the mountain. Most people know the route to Alugallena but some do not know that it is not possible to reach the top of the mountain near the cave. To reach the top of Alugalkanda you have to follow the Knuckles 5 Peaks trail. The easiest way is to start the journey from its fourth mountain to Alugal Kanda.

There are two routes to reach 5 Peaks. That is the entrance to Bambarella and the entrance to Thangappu. The two routes meet slightly below the first hill at 5 Peaks. Kotagaga Falls and Alugallena are easily accessible from Thangappu. To get to Alugalkanda you have to go down a bit from the 5 peaks set. You need to find a place to go down and go a little further up the fifth hill. You have to go down and climb the hill. With a Google map and sights, you can find your way up the hill.

On the way, you can see the waterways. There are so many beautiful places to take photos. It can also be seen as a cave. This journey must be taken very carefully. Because this is a bit of a difficult journey. It is said that the tiger roams in those places. Some places are very difficult to get to. There are places to crawl, climb trees, and cut through the jungle. At the top are thick little shrubs like Thunhisgala. It’s hard to get out of that. So this hike usually takes more than 3 hours. So like said before, this is a bit of a hard hike to go. Also, the view from the top of the mountain is very beautiful. But it’s worth it to travel at a fog-free time. Because in the evening the mountain is covered with fog.

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