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Ambokka Mountain

Ambokka Mountain

Ambokka is a mountain with a height of about 1100 to 1200 meters compared to the average height of the contour lines. Mount Ambokka consists of three peaks bordering the Kurunegala District and the Matale District. It can be described as a foggy mountain, especially during most of the day. Salagama little world’s end, a very popular place, is also a part of this mountain range. Also, the popular mountain called Navgala belongs to this mountain range called Ambokka. To reach the summit of Ambokka, you have to take a challenging trek through dense jungles as well as approximately 600 to 700 meters from the starting point.

This took more than 3 hours to cross. Adjacent to this mountain are other mountains and Navgala is one of them. There is no footpath to reach the top of the mountain due to an unknown mountain among the climbers. You can climb this mountain from different places. From Matale take the Kandy Road and go past Thotagamuwa, Palapathwela, and Yatawatta until Selagama. Travel along the Rusigama Road to reach Ambokka Mountain. The first part of the climb is the ascent through the mana bushes and it takes about an hour to pass these bushes. And there are no footprints here. Always climb parallel to the forest, but in mana bushes. At one point you have to go through a narrow forest. The second part of the trek starts towards the top of the hill and from here through the forest. You will also find footprints in the forest. The footpath is overgrown with thorns and thistles, making it difficult to walk. After a 1 hour walk, you can reach the first peak of Mount Ambokka.

Ambokka has three peaks and the third one is the highest of the three. The experience at the top of Ambokka is amazing. When the fog clears you can get a beautiful view. You can see Yakdasagala, Dolukanda, Kimbulwana Lake, and other peaks in the Kurunegala District. On the other side are the Knuckles Group, Arangala, Wilshire Mountain, and Salagama Village. Although this trek is a bit difficult compared to other mountains, this is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the environment to the fullest. And the view from the top is indescribably beautiful. So if you are going on this journey, do not forget to experience the beauty of the environment and leave it for someone else to see.

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