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Baobab Tree in Mannar

Baobab Tree in Mannar

The plant with the most unusual shape compared to the tall one is called the BioBab plant. The island of Mannar in the northern part of Sri Lanka is home to several attractions that once served as a link to the southern tip of India. As soon as one hears of Mannar, one is reminded of the various archeological sites located in Mannar that are of special antiquity and historical significance. Doric Bungalow, Allirani Fort, Arippu Fort, and many more are some of the attractions of Mannar. In addition to these various places, the natural biodiversity of Mannar is a constant source of beauty. The largest baobab plant in South Asia is found in the Mannar District of Sri Lanka.

We find this baobab tree just inside Pallimune Road. The tree is about 7.5 m tall and the baobab tree is about 19.5 m in circumference. It is believed that the Baobab tree was brought to Sri Lanka by Arab traders. According to a survey conducted in 2003, there are about 40 such trees in the country and 34 of them are located in Mannar. The tree at Pallimune is believed to be about 800 years old. Today it is designated as an Archaeological Preservation Monument. A trip to Mannar should take place between December and February or between July and September to take advantage of the weather in the area. The months between April and June can be quite hot in the North so be sure not to travel here during those summers.

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