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Bata Atha Farm

Bata Atha Farm

About 53 km along the Matara-Kataragama road, between the two towns of Ranna and Hungama, there is an agro-technology park and a farm. It is called the bata atha farm. This is a very important place for any tourist who loves local agriculture and wants to experience life on a wonderful farm. The Bata atha farm, which is located close to the main road, is accessible through beautiful surroundings. Hundreds of acres of farmland have been set up in the middle of the Bata atha Kudawewa and an adjoining catchment area on one side to grow a variety of crops. Some of these crops are popularized as organic crops.

Also, it can be seen that researchers are cultivating some crops that are difficult to cultivate in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The canopy is very rich with beautiful views that are full of fruit all over the trees. Tourists can even enjoy some of the fruits and vegetables here. You can especially enjoy the fruits like Giant Cabaranca and Dragonfruit here. The Ranna area is famous for its bananas, which is why a special part of the Bata Atha farm has been set aside for banana cultivation. You can also buy fruits, vegetables, and fertilizers at reasonable prices at the Bata Atha Farm. Many pilgrims to Kataragama and Tissa do not forget to stop at Bata atha.

The Hela Bojun outlet near the entrance to the Batatha farm sells eco-friendly and healthy local food to tourists on the spot at very affordable prices. Bread, milk rice, pittu, porridge as well as kolakanda, fruit juices, belimal, and even welithalapa, kavum, and kokis are sold here. This is another reason why so many tourists stay here. It takes at least two hours to walk around the Batatha farm with great restraint and study. So it is better not to look at the pipe during another emergency trip. Instead, it would be better to set aside some time in the morning or evening to walk to Kataragama and enjoy the food, fruits, and vegetables.

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