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Batticaloa Lighthouse

Batticaloa Lighthouse

Located in the suburb of Paalameenmadu, the Batticaloa Lighthouse is a reminder to many visitors of the city’s still reminiscent colonial heritage. The Batticaloa Lighthouse is also known as the Muttuwaran Lighthouse.
The Batticaloa Lighthouse, built by the British administration in 1913, was designed in ancient times to guide many sailors from afar. Batticaloa Lighthouse is located few kilometers from the town of Batticaloa on the Bar Road. As it is built on the eastern side of the suburbs, the lighthouse is located directly at the junction with the Indian Ocean in Batticaloa and is 28 meters high and can be seen by any ship coming from the east.

It takes approx 15-20 minutes drive from the town to the lighthouse. This is a round masonry tower with 5 windows, a lantern, and a gallery, painted white. The complex is a park where many families and friends can relax while enjoying the scenic views of the lagoon and the ocean. The Batticaloa Lighthouse is the perfect place to experience the serene side of city life. With large ships and small fishing boats in the distance, the Batticaloa Lighthouse serves as a perfect place to see the breathtaking views of the water, with its exotic flora and fauna.

After years of neglect due to LTTE terrorist activities in the area, the east coast of Sri Lanka was badly affected by a major tsunami in December 2003. But the lighthouse suffered only minor damage. With the foreign aid agencies visiting this area after the tsunami it got a much-needed facelift with USAID tsunami relief funds.

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