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Best Ayurveda Treatments in Sri Lanka.

Best Ayurveda Treatments in Sri Lanka.

The origins of indigenous Ayurvedic medicine dates back to 5,000 years ago in India. It is said to have originated in Sri Lanka from the time of Great King Ravana. But Sri Lankan Ayurveda has a different identity than the Indian Ayurveda.

The word Ayurveda is associated with the words, life, and science. Therefore it’s known as the science of living. Ayurvedic treatment is not limited to the disease. It also helps to improve the patient’s mental well-being, physical well being as well as immunity.

Migraine, Mental Stress, Bone fractures, Headache, Corona, Parkinson diseases, Glaucoma, Poisoned animal bites are some of the services provided by Sri Lanka Ayurveda Service Providers.

More details on some of above diseases are listed below.

  • For bone fractures
  • In traditional medicine, a variety of preparations, such as pattu, mallum, and oil, are widely used as external applications for bone healing and also use internal medicines like decoctions, gruels, pills, and powders. Cassia occidentalis are the plants used for healing of the bone fracture.
  • For viper bites
  • The mongoose, a plant native to South India, is prescribed by local peoples studying Ayurvedic medicine to treat bites from vipers. The plant contains some chemicals, also known as Opioids mungos. It removes body poisons.
  • For mental stress
  • Various therapies have been developed to relieve stress, and therapeutic methods and massaging methods are prominent among them. In addition to these treatments, proper eating habits, yoga, meditation, peace of mind and relaxing music can also reduce stress.
  • For corona
  • Immunity mainly affects the corona. For this purpose, it is better to make herbal drinks such as coriander, venivalgeta, and other spices such as turmeric, curry leaves, garlic, and pepper for daily consumption.
  • For headache
  • Head massage is the primary treatment for headaches. It is not only for headaches but also for relieving stress and speeding up blood flow. Different ayurvedic oils are used for this task. Steaming is another good treatment for it. For this purpose, a few drops of eucalyptus, rosemary, pepper, and/ or tulsi oil are added to the hot water.

    The field of Ayurveda medicine in Sri Lanka for many generations has been expanded in many areas with the expertise and innovations of the Ayurvedic medical system. In addition to cures, beauty and mental health services are also available in Sri Lanka. Luxury Ayurvedic hospitals and resorts in Sri Lanka have introduced treatment packages with yoga, meditation, and other spiritual activities. They are organized for 14,21 days.

    Government institutions such as the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine have been appointed facilities and supervise Ayurveda.

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