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Calido Beach

Calido beach is located near the Kalutara Bo tree. It is the shoreline between the bay and the Kalu River. It is known as one of the major tourist attractions of Kalutara due to its orderly waves and wide natural walk, dark golden sandy beaches, and the smooth white waves of the beach. In addition, there are some amazing restaurants on this beach that serve excellent local food. If you want to fully experience the beach, you can also take part in some of these beach water sports. Coming from the city, you will cross the long bridge and turn left at the so-called “Calido Beach Road” [Google Map directions from the city]. Follow the straight path until you reach the beach.

Many people walking along the Calido beach often have the opportunity to experience a different view of the city of Kalutara on one side and the scenic Indian Ocean on the other. Especially during the monsoon months (May-July), the beach is quite rough and not suitable for bathing. Walk north if you want to feel a little calmer as the beach can be crowded on weekends and holidays. In the morning, the view of the fishermen is truly breathtaking. However, the main reason people come to this particular beach is the spectacular sunsets that can be seen here. This is because the ocean with the sun not only gives an amazing view of the horizon but also gives a unique feel of the city.

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