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Casuarina Beach in Jaffna

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina Beach, Jaffna is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Visitors to the area can experience places of religious value, historical sites as well as many attractions. Casuarina Beach is a beautiful beach located in Karainagar in the Jaffna District. It is one of the most popular beaches in the area and in the Jaffna District as well as Sri Lanka. It is also known in the names of “Casoorina” and “Cashoorina”. This stunning white beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in the Jaffna Peninsula. This beach gets its name from the number of Casuarina trees that border its shores.

Getting to Casuarina Beach

From Jaffna travel along the Jaffna-Ponnalai-Point Pedro Road up to Karainagar to reach the Casuarina Beach situated along Beach Road in Karainagar.

Located about 20 km from Jaffna, Casuarina Beach is an ideal beach vacation for a number of reasons. The vast expanse it covers is beautiful, the endless soft ripples coming off beautifully against the stunning pure white sand. With shallow water, this beach can be considered a safe place to bathe. To the east, you can spy on the Karainagar lighthouse at the edge of the beach. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, so if you want to avoid crowds, go there in the morning and try it, then you can fully enjoy the serene surroundings and go for a cool swim there. January to April is the best season for sea swims in Jaffna.

You will occasionally see fishermen towing their boats, and they often allow visitors to join them on their fishing expeditions. Changing rooms and food stalls can be found on the beach, so once you finish swimming you will also have the opportunity to taste the delicious Sri Lankan cuisine here.

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