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Chariot Path of King Rawana in Pussallawe

Chariot Path of King Rawana in Pussallawe

King Rawana is a name that will never be erased in the history of Sri Lanka. Many stories written about him are mentioned in old books. A more special place is called the Chariot path. But the people on the Pussellawa side call it ‘Pittani’. This beautiful place is located on the Ramboda side of the Pidurutalagala Range. You can go to Pussellawa and go here from Pussellawa Perattasi Estate.

It is said in the past that King Ravana chose this area to show the beauty of the kingdom to his goddess Sita. In some ancient stories, King Rawana’s dadumonara (his vehicle) is also referred to as the landing path. The reason for believing this is that this area is a lonely grassland and that no plants have ever grown on the road that the vehicle was traveling in because some vehicle was firmly attached to the ground and was moving around. It is also noteworthy that the ‘cold pond’ with cold water made from the tears of Goddess Sita is located in this plain area. This is also the coldest place in Sri Lanka. The negative temperature in Celsius is found in this area.

The easiest way for those coming from Colombo is to travel from Colombo to Pussellawa via Peradeniya and from there to Perattasi Estate. Anyway, it takes about 5 hours to reach Pussellawa from Colombo. So it is better to come in the morning as much as possible. It is 12 km from Pussellawa to Perattasi. If you use public transport, you can get on the bus from Pussellawa to Pertussis Estate in every half an hour, then you can travel this way. You can go and get the help of the people there and go on this journey. You just have to park your car, find a guide, and so on. From there the journey is through the middle of the tea estates. Anyway, there’s a little big hike about two and a half hours from here.

The most difficult part of the trek is the trek up a steep slope through the jungle. Therefore, the first thing to say to those who go here is to collect only those who are in good health who can withstand that difficulty. Because the road divides into one side. If you do not find the right path, you will get lost. Also, mountain tigers can be found in abundance in this region, so seek the help of a villager. Because the villagers know the times when the tiger does not roam and the areas. This journey is not without its small risks. No matter how scary or difficult the journey may be, there are no words to describe what the surroundings look like as you climb the mountain.

At least at the end of the trail is plain with an ecological zone similar to Horton Plains. The plain is surrounded by a hollowed-out area surrounded by bushes on both sides. This is like a road. This is why it is called Chariot Path. Because people believe that this is the road where King Rawana’s chariot came from. The ecological zone is so strange. A zone that stretches like a road. The special thing is that tall trees do not grow. There is a well at one end of the plain. History has something to do with this too. People call this the Sita Pond. People believe this is a pool made of Sita’s tears. Also, the villagers say that this pond does not dry up during any drought.

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