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Cricket in Sri Lanka

Cricket in Sri Lanka

Cricket is a game originated in Britain. Cricket is also known as the “gentlemen game”. But now Cricket has spread in many countries. This Cricket game requires a large level ground.  Cricket is played with an expensive hard leather ball and bats used in here made of willow wood. Gloves and shin pads are necessary for batsmans protection. Today cricket has become the most popular game in Sri Lank too.

here are eleven players in a cricket team. Each team has its own captain too. All players must do batting but bowling is done by  a selected well practiced  as well as trained ones.  

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Cricket teach us good moral values as well as encourage us to work   co-operatively as a team. When playing cricket players can get exercise both physically and mentally.  Players  must  run, jump, and bend to catch the ball and also must have a good intelligence to judge the speed and the direction of the ball and the wind to get the correct aim. Cricket leads a path to build a good personality.

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