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Curry leaves (Karapincha)

Curry leaves (Karapincha)

It is a common plant between 10-20 feet tall found in many home gardens in Sri Lanka. It is very important as a medicine as well as a spice used to flavor food. The young leaves of this plant with a gray bark are slightly blunt. The leaves are located close by. Leaf position is asymmetric. The protrusion of the leaf is slightly blunt. There are 15-25 leaflets in one pinch. A leaflet is about 1 1/2 inches long. Their stems are short and oblong in shape. The top of the leaflets is smooth. The flower is about 1/2 inch. The flowers are white in color and they are fragrant.

The flowers are located on the apical multi-axis divided. Curry leaves and stalks have a strong smell. They are taken to flavor the curries. The wood of the Karapincha tree is stiff. Light brown to brown. It is a durable wood. Karapincha is a perennial plant and belongs to the genus RUTACEAE.

Medicinal value

Relieves hemorrhoids, inflammation, worms and beetle diseases, inflammation, leprosy, blood disorders, inflammation, ulcers, etc. Curry leaves have been using to help lower cholesterol, which causes heart attacks. Therefore, local doctors recommend curry leaf juice porridge for those who want to prevent heart attacks and for heart patients. It is also beneficial to eat curry leaves as sambol or mallum.

According to local doctors, curry leaves should be eaten with curry. There are many benefits to using curry leaves in curries as they are easily absorbed by the body. Indigenous doctors believe that karapincha porridge is an excellent remedy for people with dizziness and vomiting, those who have been poisoned, those who are not hungry, those who suffer from indigestion, and those who are slightly insane.

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