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Dehena Ella in Rathnapura

Dehena Ella in Rathnapura

Dehana Falls is one of the most beautiful and attractive waterfalls in the Ratnapura District. This waterfall can be reached after traveling 26km on the Wewellawatta road from Ratnapura town. This waterfall can be seen from the side of the main road. Its height is 72.9 meters. Starting from Dehana Kanda, this waterfall is a tributary of the Bambarabotuwa River. This waterfall is the 27th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

Legend has it that Dehana Ella was used as a torture chamber by a local king in ancient times. It is said that the place where the torturers were thrown became Damana_Ella and it later became Dehana Ella. You can even go near Dehena Falls. When it is approached, the mind that is overwhelmed gives great healing to the water drop as well as the mind.

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This waterfall is easily accessible to people of any age as it is a beautiful waterfall that can be viewed from near the main road. During the rainy season, the water comes close to the main road, so you should visit the falls carefully during such times. This can be seen as another beautiful waterfall found on the journey in search of the uniqueness of nature.

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