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Deniyaya in Sri Lanka

Deniyaya is a small town in Sri Lanka. It is located in Matara District of the Southern Province which is about 68 km from Matara to Deniyaya. It is a beautiful rural city in Sri Lanka and has a widespread importance attached to it. The beauty of Deniyaya is exceptional and there are only a few places that can match the natural scenic beauty of Deniyaya. It is situated in the mountainous regions of Sri Lanka and has been known for its extraordinary importance to all the interested tourists. It has close proximity to the most important heritage that is kept and maintained by Sri Lankans for centuries and its preservation is helped by places like Deniyaya.

Deniyaya climate is known to be tropical. When considering the weather in Deniyaya, the rainfall is significant with precipitation even during the driest month. The average annual temperature is 24.9 C and the average rainfall is 3193mm for the year in Deniyaya. The driest month is February and warmest month of the year is May in here.

The tea industry in Deniyaya is the famous and most profitable industry in this area. Most of the people in here and their livings mainly depend on this tea industry. Tea production in one of the main sources of foreign exchange for Sri Lanka and Deniyaya takes a top-level place, among the four main subdistricts providing tea. Religion situation in Deniyaya is very calm and based on the four main religions in Sri Lanka. Most of the people here are Buddhists and Christians. Sacred Getabaru temple is situated in Deniyaya, where many Buddhists throughout the country come to engage in their religious observation.

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Sinharaja forest, which is a world heritage also situated near to Deniyaya. It is one of the most famous forest reserves in Sri Lanka which has a unique wilderness and wonderful natural scenarios. There are many people and also many tourists and travelers who come to visit the place. Also, the nearby beaches are another attractive destinations which affect to the attraction of tourists’ interest to this rural city of Deniyaya too. Other than the Sinharaja forest, another aspect of people attraction to Deniyaya is the presence of these waterfalls as well as tea estates, and other religious places that are nearby.

The marvelous waterfalls around here that are flowing in the beautifully cut rocks and stones, greatly affect to the tourist attraction of Deniyaya. It has the mountains that are marks of cascading beauty and plentiful resources. Most of these mountains are hidden in the forest regions but Deniyaya provides you with some of the best locations for viewing and enjoying the waterfalls in Sri Lanka. In another way, these waterfalls in Deniyaya are the best tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and it has been now propagated by government agencies to make it known on the global tourism maps in the near future after its development. The steps and tea plantations also add an extra charm and flavor to these splendid Deniyaya waterfalls.

Because this place blessed with full of rare plants and natural creatures that you can’t forget, Deniyaya is an awesome place to enjoy natural beauty. Recently visitors from across the world simply enjoy the majesty of amazing Deniyaya. It is the finest gift for the travelers who come to visit Sri Lanka from all over the world. Wonderful place here “patna”, is one of the beautiful places in Deniyaya which is an amazing slide rock to enjoy your tour with pleasure.

There are many programs and schedules conducted by the Sri Lankan Tourist Board and it aims to start many big projects in this beautiful city to upgrade the Deniyaya tourism. The city has been establishedform a long time and now it is planned to develop the city into a major tourist destination. There are many number of hotels and food restaurants in Deniyaya which provide visitors with exceptional accommodation and hospitalities. People who are looking to spend some quality time with the spectacular natural beauty, will sure select this place to enjoy this marvelous experiences.

When you think about biodiversity in Sri Lanka, you can’t forgetthe uniqueness of the country side, this amazing natural beauty in Deniyaya. It has now recognized as one of the best and coolest destination of many locals and tourists nowadays.

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