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Devil’s Staircase

Devil's Staircase

The Devil’s Stairway is one of the most popular mountaineering and jeep tracks in Sri Lanka. Difficulty levels and scenic views of the green hills of Sri Lanka make this a paradise for climbers, but the 13km trek is only for the most enthusiastic climbers. This well-known road is with sharp zig-zag curves and is extremely tight and difficult to navigate. It starts on the Horton Plains Road in beautiful Ohio and runs through the tea estates to the Kalupahana area on the A4 main road; Or vice versa. You can also choose to end the trail near Bambarakanda Falls; a kilometer or so before Kalupahana. It would take approximately 4 hours to travel by vehicle.

The best time to trekking the mountain is in the morning. You can also watch the sunrise from Babarakanda Falls which is a beautiful sight. It is suggested that good climbing boots be worn as the terrain will be quite rough; Slightly warmer clothing as the temperature may drop suddenly. It is important that you bring a raincoat or other protective clothing to prepare for the sudden rain in Ohiya. A good mountaineering guide is needed as it is not easy to steer wrong on the trails.

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The Devil’s Stairs runs through the canal that creates Bambarakanda Falls. There is unevenness along the way; But often the scenic views open up in the valleys to the south or the mountains to the north. You will pass many challenging areas where you will have to walk carefully so that you will remember the name of the road. You can also visit a natural pool nourished by a clear spring and a Hindu / Buddhist temple along the way. When you reach the end of the Devil’s Stairs, you will walk through the beautiful green tea plantations. You will also pass through the popular V-Cut on this route. You pass a rough section before reaching Ohiya Road, near Horton Plains.

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