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Dikwella Beach

Dikwella Beach

The Dikwella beach is not well known but it can be described as a beautiful, serene place. Dikwella beach is a major tourist attraction in the locals and foreigners. This is a place for a romantic evening as well as fun for the whole family.

It is a beautiful beach and a wonderfully relaxing beach. This Dikwella beach is a place where you can relax and unwind for a day. Seethagalla Natural Beach is located against the backdrop of this Dikwella beach. You can get a nice and inspiring feeling here.

When the sun rises in the morning, you can enjoy a beautiful view of this natural pool. Dikwella is a place for sunbathing. You can indulge in adventure games and sea sports at Dikwella beach. It’s also a great place for surfing. Here you can taste the traditional Sri Lankan Southern cuisine.

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