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The Best Diving at Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers adventurous diving opportunities all around the island with its gorgeous golden beaches. As it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, you can find good diving destinations all around Sri Lanka, except the north coast. Diving in Sri Lanka will provide you opportunities for encounters with pelagics, sharks and other inhabitants off the open ocean abound. Adrenalin levels are highest in the east at places like Trincomalee and in the south, at the wonderful basses reefs, arguably the most adventurous diving in the country. Here are some varieties of diving ocean zones in Sri Lanka, Mirissa, Trincomalee, Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Kalpitiya, Arugam Bay, Negombo, Beruwala, Batticaloa etc.

Best Time To Dive in Mirissa

During the northeast monsoon, diving conditions are best on the south and west coast of the island as it has the calm seas. It happens from late November to early March. The south-west coast is slightly rougher and more dynamic than the east. Most towns are developed and have most necessities required for tourism including diving. Among them, Mirissa is known as one of the best diving zones on the south-west coast that offers excellent diving and snorkeling experiences. Mirissa has always been famous for whale watching but now it also gaining popularity for its great diving.

Mirissa is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka located in the Matara district of the Southern Province. It is only 13.7 km from Matara town. Mirissa’s beach and nightlife make it a popular tourist destination. It is also a fishing port and one of the best whale watching and diving destinations in Sri Lanka. Mirissa beach is an ideal place to start diving in Sri Lanka. The warm and calm waters in here look great and it’s a little bit crowded as the divers love being here. The best time period for diving in Mirissa is from November to March.

Diving With The Dozens of Famous Shipwrecks

Tour Sri Lanka and come to dive the dozens of famous shipwrecks and visit coral reefs under, undersea caves & rock formations at Mirissa deep sea. An expanse of brilliant coral in every size, color and formation which is inhabited by vividly colored fish, can be seen through crystal clear water no more than four meters deep. The waters of Mirissa beach are home to an incredible range of marine creatures from massive blue whales all the way through to tiny nudibranch and also you can see several sea turtle varieties in here. For the macro lovers, nudibranch, shrimp and beautiful plants and coral can be found at this biodiversity ocean zone of the surrounding diving sites.

Mirissa is a small village with golden sands and with a relaxing peaceful atmosphere. It has gained the lots of tourists’ attractions due to its remarkable features along with the beautiful diving zone. There are around five dive sites in Mirissa. Mirissa diving centers run so many diving programs for the expert divers as well as for the people who have never tried diving before. You can also complete all PADI diving courses here.

Mirissa is one of the best beach destinations in southern Sri Lanka. The area has its all beautiful beaches, surf waves, whale watching and great restaurants. And also it is one of the best destinations in the island for the divers which attracts more tourists towards the city. Watching Lanka will offer you this great adventurous diving practices and it will let you enjoy the best diving zones in the world.

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