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Adventure Diving in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean is surrounded by the warm waters which offer exceptional diving adventures along its southern and western coasts. From vibrant coral reefs and thousands of tropical fish to countless sunken wrecks are waiting to be explored deep in the sea. Dive tours and underwater safaris offered by various agencies are available in these coastal areas. Travel to Sri Lanka to enjoy the best diving zones in the world.

Marine Creatures

The waters of Sri Lanka are home to an incredible range of marine creatures from massive blue whales all the way through to tiny nudibranchs. Sri Lanka’s adventurous marine life truly offers a delightful experience. You can see a variety of colorful reef fish, triggerfish, batfish and more. Large eagle and bull rays are often spotted along with giant barracuda, goliath grouper, Napolean wrasse, honeycomb maray eels and several sea turtle varieties. For the macro lovers, nudibranch, shrimp and beautiful plants and coral can be found at any biodiversity ocean zone of the surrounding diving sites.

What is the best time for diving?

Sri Lankan diving is split into two basic seasons; one for the east coast and other for the south coast. Where you dive in Sri Lanka depends on when you plan to visit because the monsoon seasons vary from one end of the island to the other. You dive on the side of the island that’s not directly exposed to the prevailing monsoon. It means from late November to early March when the northeast monsoon is blowing, diving conditions are best on the west coast.

Conversely, from March to September, during the southwest monsoon, the east coast has calm seas. If you tour Sri Lanka you will be provided with incredible diving, friendly locals, amazing food and top side treasures truly offer in all. With its spectacular beaches and rich wildlife, Sri Lanka is being added to the bucket lists of thousands of travelers every year. Despite its innumerable natural gift, it remains an untouched travel destination and holiday to Sri Lanka always turns out to be memorable experience along with the variety of diving ocean zones.

Here are several popular beautiful diving zones in Sri Lanka.

Kalpitiya, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Mirissa, Arugam Bay, Trincomalee, Negombo, Kirinda, Beruwala, Batticaloa etc.

  • Mirissa

Mirissa has always been famous for whale watching but now its gaining popularity for its great diving in Mirissa. Mirissa, situated in the southeast coast of the island, is a great place where you can enjoy diving and relax during
your vacation in Sri Lanka. This is a small village with golden sands, with a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere.

  • Arugam Bay

Diving in Arugam Bay is not only a world-class surfing spot but also a quiet place which offers fantastic snorkelling and diving experiences The Arugam Bay has a few places for mild snorkelling, however, scuba divers should hire a boat and make for the Basses Reefs which is marked by two lighthouses and is one of the top diving sites in Sri Lanka. The underwater delights here are spectacular ranging from clear blue water to ancient rugged sandstone formations to an abundance of stunning marine life.

  • Trincomalee

Trincomalee and Nilaweli are located on the east coast known for their wide stretches of white sandy beaches which slope gently into the clear blue waters of Indian Ocean. The sea in this area is calm and crystal clear, ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving in Trincomalee. A few kilometers off the coast is Pigeon Island Marine Life Sanctuary, surrounded by coral reefs full of colorful fish, anemone, nudibranch and more. The best time to dive in here is from May to October.

  • Hikkaduwa

When the season is off on the East Coast, it is dive time on the south-west coast. Hikkaduwa is considered one of the best diving zone in Sri Lanka. This small town, roughly 20 km from Galle, is the perfect destination for your holiday in Sri Lanka. An expanse of brilliant coral in every size, color, and formation which is inhabited by vividly colored fish, can be seen through crystal clear water no more than four meters deep. The scuba divers are treated with unique rock formations, abundant marine life, and shipwrecks further out from the shore. Best time for diving in Hikkaduwa is from
November to April.

  • Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a small town with a mention in the Hindu epic Ramayanaya and is 5 kilometers from Galle. It is ranked amongst one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is also listed as one of the best beaches in the world which provide a holiday destination for tourists and is exceptional for divers. Unawatuna is also popular for its biodiversity and species of rare birds. Best time for diving in Unawatuna is from April to September.

As you now know Sri Lanka is an incredible place for world class snorkeling and diving enclosed by beautiful coastlines all around the island. Watching Lanka will provide you with all the breath-taking experiences and provide you with a perfect destination for a holiday in Sri Lanka.

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