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Duruthu Poya Day

Duruthu Poya Day

The first month of any year, the Poya Day in January is very important to the Sri Lankan Buddhists as it is the first Poya day of the new year. It is known as Duruthu Poya. Various religious programs have been organized in temples throughout the island for this purpose.

It was on this day that the first visit of the Buddha to Ceylon and the struggle between the devils and the snakes were settled and subdued. After spending his time at Isipathanaramaya, the Buddha sent out the names of 60 of his first Arahants to spread the message of the Dhamma to the world. Arriving at Uruvela Danavu, the Buddha traveled to the country of Kuru to beg the Kashyapas for Dhamma and now looked at the world through the third eye as he was sitting near the Anavathapatha Lake. On that day, at a gathering of the Yaksha tribesmen at the Lakdiva Mahanaga National Park, he calmed down the black-faced, barbaric crowd and teaching them about Buddhism. Then he came to Sri Lanka by air.

The hair donation of the Buddha took place today. It is said that Sumana Saman Deviyo, a resident of Samantha Koota rock, who was among the people who gathered to hear the Dhamma, became Sovan. The people asked for an offering to worship, and the Buddha touched his head and offered a handful of hair relics to the god Saman. The construction of the Mahiyangana Dagoba also took place today. God Saman accepted the hair relics with a golden casket and made a great stupa at the place where the Buddha preached. History has it that the Mahiyangana Dagoba was the first dagoba in the world during the lifetime of the Buddha. History books also say that it was made by God.

The first Arama Pooja was also held on this day. After the first voyage of the Buddha to Ceylon, at the invitation of King Bimbisara in Rajagaha, Magadha, a thousand Arahants arrived in Rajagaha from Uruvela Danavu in the distant month. The Veluvanaramaya built by King Bimbisara in Rajagaha was dedicated to the great arahants. The first Arama Pooja of the Buddha Sasana took place that day. From now on, the book states that the Buddha approved that it was appropriate for a monk to accept a monastery.

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