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Ebony Tree (Kaluwara Tree)

Ebony Tree (Kaluwara Tree)

Sri Lanka is a country that has inherited many valuable plants since ancient times. Ebony, also known as Kaluwara in Sinhala, is a commonly used tree for furniture. This tree is found in South India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. The variety of the wood found in North Sulawesi, Indonesia is Diospyros ebenum Koenig. The wood of the tree is called the Kaluwara tree by the Sinhalese people because of its dark black color.

This tall evergreen tree grows very slowly up to 20-25 m (66-82 ft). The leaves are completely identical and elongate in shape. It is about 6–15 cm long and 3–5 cm wide. The fruit is about 2 inches (0.79 inches) in diameter. It resembles a small persimmon fruit. The sapwood is light yellowish gray. The wood core is occasionally light fibrous glossy-black. This wood with metallic gloss also has a fine and smooth texture. The density of dry wood is 1190 kg / m3.

In Sri Lanka, harvesting and selling ebony wood is illegal. It has the following valuable properties: high wood hardness, easy to polish, it has practically no pitting, provides a shiny smooth surface, is resistant to water. The wood density of the tree is extremely high (up to 1200 kg / m³), ​​making it impossible for the wood to float. It is also difficult to treat manually and mechanically. Polished wood feels as cold as metal. The heat emission is so high that it causes the wood-burning metal pots to melt.

The finest furniture of the 16th and 19th centuries was made of Ceylon ebony. Wooden and door window handles were best suited for making tablecloths while cutting needles and hooks or razor handles were used for making. Today it is used perfectly in the manufacture of handmade works of art and musical instruments, such as turnery, knife shafts, brush holders, and chopsticks. It is also good for a beautiful wooden cover. Wood is extremely valuable and is sold in kilograms.

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