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Ella Wala Falls

Ella Wala Falls

Ella Wala Falls is a small but beautiful waterfall located in Wellawaya. This waterfall is hidden in the forest about 5km from Wellawaya. But that is not the main road. From here you can come from Ella and travel about 20 km on Wellawaya Road to reach the ancient temple of Ratmal Vehera. Enter the waterfall along the road opposite the temple. The last few kilometers are rough and not suitable for a vehicle with low ground clearance. You have to walk some distance in the forest to reach the waterfall.

Things you need to know before you go

• Bathing in a natural pool is safe, but be especially careful on rainy days as the water level can rise dramatically.

• Keep in mind that the area is less crowded due to a waterfall located in the forest.

• Be careful as it is not easy to find help in an emergency.

• Bring everything you carry with you when you return without forgetting anything.

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