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Finlays Newburgh Tea Factory

Finlays Newburgh Tea Factory

The factory has launched operations specifically to produce Chinese-style green tea for healthy tea drinkers and has taken another step towards exporting green tea globally. The Newburgh Green Tea Factory has recorded the highest consecutive sales average for many years. This will no doubt demonstrate the expertise of the Newburgh Green Tea Factory.

Newburgh Green Tea Factory won the award for Best Green Tea Factory and has won this award many times. These tea estates are part of a joint venture between three leading Sri Lankan tea companies, the Finlace Group’s Hapugastena Plantations, which boasts of Imperial Tea and Tea Tang Tea. Tea is one of the most widely traded cash crops in the hills and affects the economic growth of Sri Lanka. Uva Province is famous for its tea estates in Sri Lanka and is located at an altitude of =2000 to 4000 feet above sea level on the eastern slopes of the central hills of Sri Lanka. The Newburgh Green Tea Factory is located in the hills surrounded by beautiful tea bushes. This factory is a unique location in the city of Ella.

The surroundings of the tea factory are colorful and the flowers are in full bloom, which is pleasing to the eye and attracts visitors to the tea factory. The tour around the factory is short and takes only 20 minutes and you are not allowed to take photos of the tea processing methods and the machinery on the walls of the factory. While asking questions, the cup of hot tea you are given is refreshing and the experience at the Newburgh Tea Factory is unique.

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