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Gongala Mountain

Gongala Mountain

Sri Lanka has three separate major mountain ranges, the Central Highlands, the Knuckles Massif, and the Sabaragamuwa Range. Pidurutalagala (2524 m) is the highest point in the central hills as well as in Sri Lanka. Gombania (1906 m) is the highest point in the Knuckles Group, while Gongala (1357 m) is the highest in the Sabaragamuwa (Rakwana) range.

Gongala is a mountain bordering the Sabaragamuwa Province and the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. At an altitude of 1,358 meters, it is considered to be the 15th highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It is bordered by the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. The Nilwala and Gin rivers start from this mountain range. It gets the name “Gongala” because of its Ox appearance.

The view from the top gongala is stunning, making it ideal for adventure lovers. It is known as an ideal place for a perfect ecological experience in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. The town of Gongala is surrounded by the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Rakwana, Balangoda and Udawalawe.

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