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Gurulupotha Sita Kotuwa (Seetha Kotuwa)

Gurulupotha Sita Kotuwa (Seetha Kotuwa)

Sita Kotuwa or Sita Mata’s Court is an archeological site located directly in the Sri Lanka Ramayana Mawatha at Hasalaka Gurulupotta in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Sita Kotuwa in Gurupotha Hasalaka is believed to be the place where Princess Sita was detained by King Rawana. Sita Mata’s courtyard is a beautiful remote place surrounded by flora and fauna, streams, and waterfalls. Today, Anuradhapura also has limestone caves in the ruins of an ordinary forest from the end of the century.

Descending into the misty Dumbara Valley through 18 hairpin bends five miles and 2,000 feet east of Scarf in the mountains was hailed as the most remarkable drive. Many writers have taken the time to describe its amazingness. Ramayana facts Sri Lanka says that the city of Lankapura once lived in these forests. The city had a beautiful palace for Queen Mandothari, surrounded by waterfalls, streams, and plants. According to the Ramayana Mawatha in Sri Lanka, this is the place where Goddess Sita first kept Ashok until he was taken to the Vatican. The ruins found are the remains of later civilizations. The name Sita Fort means “Fortress of Sita” and is linked to the Ramayana epic, hence the name Sita Devi staying here.

According to Ramayana Sri Lanka, the capital, King Rawana, is believed to have had an aircraft repair center. In Valmiki’s representation, Ravana’s flying king resembled a large peacock. The Vimana in the Sinhala language means Dhandu Monara which is known as a flying peacock, and hence the name Gurulupotha, which means parts of birds. The road to Gurulupotha is as follows. Gurulupotha is on the Kandy – Mahiyangana, road at the 63 km post, and 4 km from Hasalaka town. Trek down 2 km (approx. 4 km both ways) from Gurulupotha Rest House. This takes approximately 2 hours. The distance from Kandy to the website is about 65 KM. You have to travel 2 hours by car and a 1-hour trek to reach. People with respiratory and heart problems and senior citizens should not attempt to go on this trip.

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