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Gyrinops Walla (Wallapatta)

Gyrinops Walla (Wallapatta)

The botanical name of the Wallapatta plant is Gyrinops wallas walla‌. Wallapatta plant belongs to the genus Thymelaeaceae. The genus Gyrinops includes about 8 species of plants. Wallapatta is abundant in the tropical and subtropical wetlands of Sri Lanka and is found in the subsoil in the forests of the plains. In addition to our country, this plant is slightly spread in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India. Plants of the genus Thymelaeaceae produce agarwood as a secondary defensive mechanism to protect against microbial infections in the event of an external disaster.

Among the plants of this genus, Aquilaria‌ is the leading plant in the production of Agarwood. Gyrinops also produce agarwood, but studies show that the agarwood produced per plant is relatively small compared to the weight of the tree. The average height of the plant is about 5-7 m. Can be found in outdoor areas and in the undergrowth of forests. A deciduous plant with alternate leaf axils. The distance between the two leaves is about 2.5cm. The leave is about 10-12 cm long and 5 cm wide.

The tip of the leaf is acute and the base of the leaf is slightly wider. The young leaves are yellow and bent downwards. The flowering period of the plant is from April to July and immature fruits can be seen during this time. The flowers are in an inflorescence. They are white to light yellow in color. The recent increase in demand for the Wallapatta plant is due to the fragrances and medicines produced by the resinous chemical substance (agarwood) extracted by the plant. The resinous chemical is sold at a very high price in the world market.

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