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Halpewatte Tea Factory

Halpewatte Tea Factory in Ella

Halpewatte Tea Factory is located in Ella, Sri Lanka. It was built in 1940 during British rule. The factory is spread over an area of 1230 m in the Uva region and is located about 6 km from Ella. It is a small factory that produces about 20,000 kilograms of tea a month.

The Halpewatte Tea Factory was acquired by APD Abeyratne, Chairman of the UHE Group in 1970. It is the largest tea factory in the Uva province. This is a very popular tourist destination due to the huge tea production. Tourists will receive a guided tour around the Halpewatte Tea Factory. They can use this opportunity to taste the tea and learn and try the best Ceylon tea making process.

In the past when it was reopened it was a very small tea factory but over time the situation changed. In 2008, it was named the largest tea producer in the province. It currently produces about 150,000 kilograms of tea a month, with more than 40 lorries and manpower of more than 300 workers. When you travel you can go on a tea picking trip. Learn the process of making tea and finally served you a tasty cup of tea.

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