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Hanthana Mountain Range in Sri Lanka

Another attraction in the Central Province is the Hanthana Range, close to Kandy. Hanthana Conservation Forest is another name for the mountain range in which the biodiversity of Sri Lanka can be very pure. It is managed by the Forest Department. Under the National Environmental Act, the Hanthana Range has declared an Environmental Protection Area in 2010. There are seven mountain ranges and the maximum height is 3800 feet. Tallest mountain Known as Mount uura.

Hanthana has started to spread from Kandy and since then there have been many natural streams. Visitors can enjoy these natural streams of freshwater. “Katusukonda” is one of the most dangerous climbs to climb and is the last of the Hanthana range. It is best to start climbing from the Nilambe Meditation Center and if you are looking to hike the entire mountain range you can complete the adventure tour from the Kandy area. When you reach the top of the hill, you will see a large area of ​​the central province and you will realize how beautiful this area is.

The first trip for many university students is to climb this mountain range. It is the most memorable thing for their university life. The University of Peradeniya is located adjacent to the Hanthana Range. It is known as the most beautiful university in Sri Lanka because of its picturesque surroundings and its scenic environment. The mountain range is very popular among local and foreign trekkers. Annually, many visitors come to the Hantana Mountain Range to collect beautiful memories for their lives. Don’t forget to bring your camera when you go to Hanthana. From there you can see the beauty of nature in Sri Lanka. You will find not only birds and butterflies but also a wide variety of wildflowers, insects, wild trees, and more.

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