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Herbs and Spices in Sri Lanka

Herbs and Spices in Sri Lanka

Herbs and spices have had a huge impact on food in countries like Sri Lanka since ancient times. Spices are used to enhance the taste as well as the aroma of food. Today, herbs and spices are valued beyond their basic flavors and continue to be in demand for a variety of medicinal and qualitative purposes. Our country supplies herbs as well as spices all over the world. Hence it is also known as Spice Island. In fact, the rich flavor profile and aromatic properties of the spices have influenced the food and taste buds of local communities.

The climatic conditions of Sri Lanka allow the cultivation of various spices in the soil of the island. The abundance of these culinary treasures has attracted the attention of many Western nations throughout history, hoping to obtain them from the Sri Lankan spice market. Today, the spice economy of Sri Lanka continues to grow as Sri Lankan spices are in great demand around the world. Sri Lanka supplies a wide range of spices and related products to the international market, such as cinnamon, pepper, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Details about some of them are given here.


The King of Spices, Pepper is the second-largest spice in Sri Lanka and the largest in the global market. Derived from Piper Nigram vines, this spice is easily recognizable for its pungent aroma and mildly spicy flavor that allows it to be substituted for chili. In addition to flavoring, pepper has medicinal properties and is often used in massage or other natural remedies.


Turmeric is a relatively cheap spice that is very similar in texture and appearance to saffron. But nowadays this has become very expensive. It is known as one of the most amazing medicinal spices in the world. Due to the need for a warm climate with heavy rainfall, this spice is grown in abundance in Sri Lanka and meets the most favorable weather conditions, and is used for a variety of purposes ranging from cooking to homemade remedies.


Cinnamon is a spice that looks like thin, brown cylindrical peels. It smells sweet and delicious. The good quality of Sri Lankan cinnamon makes it one of the best in the world. It is a universal favorite because of its versatility as a spice and can be used for many purposes, from cooking to perfumery. Sri Lanka Cinnamon Exports, Sri Lanka’s most important spice exporter, is not only seen in its natural form, but also processed into tablets, powders, or essential oils for export to major markets, and the value and importance Sri Lanka.


Cloves are undeveloped flower buds with one narrow end and the other a square. It has a warm aroma and is slightly darker in color and is widely used to enhance the taste of meat and sometimes rice. Quality cloves are rich reddish-brown and large. The most widely used ones, however, are black and small. These spices are also used to treat indigestion and toothache. They are also used to make perfumes, soaps, and toothpaste.


Chillie is a type of capsicum that adds flavor to curries. Red chilies are very popular in Sri Lanka and can be used in every dish including some salads. They are easy to dry in the sun or in a slow oven and are then used whole, powdered, or freshly chopped. Raw chilies are also popular and have more heat than red chili. The fiery flavor is contained in the seeds and is between the seeds and the shiny outer layer of the chilie.

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