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Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa is one of Sri Lanka’s most tempting beach destinations which lies on the southwestern coast about 98 kilometers south of Colombo. Hikkaduwa in Location is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka located in the Southern Province, about 17 km north-west of Galle. Being the only coral sanctuary in the island of Sri Lanka, it has captured quite a bit of fame for itself. The name Hikkaduwa is thought to have been derived from the two words “Ship Kaduwa” which means the Sword of Knowledge is being shortened to Hikkaduwa later.

Hikkaduwa is definitely a place worth visiting, not only for the vast array of adventure sports and water activities on offer but also for the sheer beauty and tranquillity to be found in its pristine beaches. The beach at southern coast gives not only relaxation but a sense of admiration of nature and lets you wonder about regaining mental strength. In Hikkaduwa, the dry season is from November to May and during this time the waves are best for surfing. During these months, the little town fills with all kinds of travelers seeking sun and sea and the beauty of Hikkaduwa. From May to October, it is monsoon season and many restaurants and shops close their doors until the rains stop. During this time the water can also be a bit rough for swimming and surfing.

Attractions of Hikkaduwa: Swimming, Scuba diving, snorkeling, board surfing, body surfing, boat riding,coral reef viewing, visit turtle hatchery, visit Hikkaduwa National Park

Hikkaduwa Beach and Surfing Hikkaduwa beach is one of the most popular tourist places in Sri Lanka Known for the harmonized and calm environment. Tourism of Hikkaduwa now has reached to its top level as the beach is considered to be one of the finest places in the country for surfing and it is also well known for Seafood Currie which gives an extraordinary touch while having the perfect day on the beach. You can enjoy Surfing to the fullest in the months of November to March when waves rise up. Many tourists who have a great interest in these fun activities, visit here during this season and it is a major reason for the most number of tourist attraction in Hikkaduwa.

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Hikkaduwa has a plenty of beachfront accommodation and a reputation as the second best surf spot in Sri Lanka. The resort area has now engulfed with a 4km strip of hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, and guesthouses. The beaches are lovely and wide and swimming is safe here, though the currents are stronger when it comes to the south of Hikkaduwa. The impressive coral reef runs just offshore and is still populated by exotic fish and sea turtles.

While enjoying the beach and the sea, it is necessary to have a look inside the sea to investigate and examine the aquatic life. Snorkeling is very much suitable if one wants to watch all the beautiful fishes and marine life closely. Those of you who’d like to learn have learning centers where they will instruct and guide you into diving and snorkeling while at the same time help you obtain the PADI divers license. People get a chance to look at a lot of different types of small and big fishes and turtles etc. very closely. So, whenever you get the chance to visit Sri Lanka and especially Hikkaduwa beach, don’t forget to experience all these activities of Hikkaduwa, it will be an experience of a life.

Glass-bottomed boats are available for visitors wanting to admire the wonders of the deep while keeping their feet dry. It will let you witness the gorgeous corals lying down. The coral sanctuary stretches a hundred meters from offshore to a group of rocks in the north end. Divers could enjoy diving around the corals admiring them closely while others could enjoy a coral tour on boats with the glass bottom. Board Surfing is another most popular entertainment activity at Hikkaduwa. A short distance southwards from the center of the reef, it diminishes and starts a wider sandy bottomed beach with good wave’s ideal for board surfing and body surfing. You can enjoy a wave ride on boards which can be hired from the shore. Board surfing can be done with paddle boarding and body boarding with long or short boarding preferences according to experience.

Turtle Hatchery is one of the most worthy causes of Hikkaduwa. The Turtle eggs which are laid on the shore unprotected are taken care and treated at the Turtle Hatchery helping until the little Turtles Hatch. Some Turtles are injured when found and thus are treated preparing for their hatch. It has been a challenge to the authorities to carry out this task as Turtle eggs and meat are consumed illegally. Enjoy the visit gathering educational and interesting experiences. After doing all these fun activities, you can visit the National park in Hikkaduwa which is one of the two marine national parks in Sri Lanka. The park is popular for containing a fringing coral reef and located in the wet zone. People attraction of Hikkaduwa is increasing day by day due to these opportunities and marvelous activities you can enjoy in here, at Hikkaduwa beach.

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