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Hulangala Mini World’s End at Selagama

Hulangala Mini World's End at Selagama

Hulangala mini world’s end is located at the southern end of the Knuckles Range in the Salagama Estate and can be reached from Kurunegala or Matale. This mountain is also called Navgala. From Kurunagala travel towards Dambulla to Thalgodapitiya Junction and turn towards Yatawatta Road. This is located on the border of the Kurunegala district. Those who like to climb mountains can climb Maduragoda in Kurunegala. Even though it is called Kurunegala, it is not Kurunegala but only the lower part of the hulangala in Kurunegala. The other part of Hulangala belongs to Matale.

The total distance from Kurunegala is about 40 km. In fact, it is located in the Kurunegala district, but at the bottom of the slope is the Matale district. Therefore, it is possible to climb this mountain in a vehicle in the middle of the Salagama estate. Many people climb this mountain in the middle of this estate. But the right belongs to Kurunegala.

It is stated that permission should be obtained to enter the garden at this time. At the estate gate, you will be charged a fee for a vehicle. From the lime houses on the Salagama Estate, you can walk 2-3 km to reach the viewpoint. However, motorcycles, 3-wheelers, and 4 × 4 vehicles can go as far as the scene. It’s a different experience because you can go by car. Even if you go by car, there are tea plantations and mountains on both sides of the road so you can enjoy the beauty of the environment without fail.

Mini world’s end is 760 meters (2500 ft) above sea level. However, Mount Hulangala rises to 1025 m (3360 ft). Go and experience the freedom and beauty that you get when you come to the top of this little world’s end. The North-Western and Central Provinces look good at the top of this place. Among them, you can see many places like Knuckles Mountain Range, Bisogala, Dolukanda, Ridee Temple, and Rambadagalla. You can also visit Yatawatta Biso Falls located at Salagama Estate. To reach the waterfall, you have to turn right from the lime houses on the estate and go to the Yatawatta Hindu Temple. This is the most beautiful place to go from Kurunegala.

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