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Is it Safe to travel Sri Lanka

Is it Safe to travel Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as one of the best places in the world to travel. The island is just waiting to be explored and is best done by traveling along the lush jungle roads and to the marvelous sandy beaches. If you ever visit Sri Lanka you will get the opportunity to spend your life’s most memorable moment there for sure. It is an island always filled with tourists so that they have a well-developed tourist industry within the country. But as a result of many terrorist attacks which Sri Lanka had undergone in the past few decades, the tourist industry was dropped in several times. One was greatly ended in 2009 but another attack was taken place recently in April 2019.

In 2009, Sri Lanka was able to defeat the horrible separatist terrorism, LTTE that prevailed in this country for nearly four decades. Sri Lanka is the only country in the recent history of the world to have completely defeated terrorism. After having emerged from a situation of intense conflict, Sri Lanka took forward to develop the country in all the aspects. This also affected to the tourism industry because the faith of safety in Sri Lanka inside the island increased the tourist attraction towards the country again. Due to this reason the number of visitors tour, Sri Lanka increases day by day. All were set calm and peacefully until the day of Easter Attacks in 2019. It was so unexpected and one of the most terrible attacks that ever happened in Sri Lankan history. On Easter Sunday, ISIS terrorists targeted Christian churches and some 5-star hotels, which resulted in 310 deaths.

After the attack takes place on Easter Sunday, it again resulted in the rapid decline of the tourism industry following all other industries in the country even day-to-day activities of ordinary people. It seems that ancient disagreements between LTTE Tamils and Sinhalese did not result in any cause for the decline of the tourism industry because they didn’t intend to harm any tourist in Sri Lanka. But in here it has become a major case for the tourists to concern about, as ISIS especially seem to be targeting tourists as well.

But fortunately, the threat has now become reduced into some extent, as a result of the efforts of the number of armed forces personnel and officers of the Police Special Task Force and especially the officers who got killed during the investigations and also with the help of ordinary peasants. Safety of Sri Lanka now has become somehow normal and people have started to spend their normal lifestyles like before. While the various checkpoints throughout Sri Lanka weren’t in use in the past years, Sri Lanka has an excellent military infrastructure. And hope that the government will be up to the task to bring the country back to lasting peace. It’s hard to predict the future, really. Terrorism, sadly, is a concern all over the world, and Sri Lanka is apparently no exclusion any longer.

Usually, major terror attacks like these lead to tight surveillance and strict police presence. So, maybe now is the safest time for anyone could tour Sri Lanka. When you are walking along a tranquil beach along the beautiful south coast of the island, it’s very hard to imagine how anyone could every worry about visiting Sri Lanka. From an ideal point of view, you should never give terrorism leverage on you, and by canceling your plans, you’d do that. If you’re currently, in the process of planning a trip, you can definitely wait for the situation to stabilize in a permanent way, and you know what you are up to.

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