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Kala Wewa

Kala Wewa

Kala Wewa is one of the largest reservoirs in Sri Lanka. Built by King Datusena during his reign of 459-479, this reservoir has been supplying water to the fertile land of Anuradhapura since ancient times and continues to do so today. The environment around the reservoir is very fresh with cool breezes. The reservoir capacity of Kala Wewa is 10,000 acres and the total water catchment area is about 841.75km. The sluice gates are impressive and rise above the dam. The Maha Kadawara Devalaya, dedicated to the Goddess Kadawara, the divine guardian of the Kala Wawa, was located facing the huge tank.

The large tree canopy provides shade and creates the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable experience. The environment is so quiet that you can only hear the sound of water moving, the sound of the wind, and the sound of birds. The traditional rowing boats used for fishing are lined up on the embankment and the scene where the school children sometimes line up is beautiful. This is a great place to get a clear understanding of village life. Fishermen carrying fish, farmers working in the fields as well as children cycling in the evening add to the beautiful scenery.

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During the dry season, a large part of the reservoir dries up and large green fields are formed. The blue of the water and the green of the land combined to create a beautiful backdrop. On the way to the highest point that can be reached from this corner, you will find a forest area. It finds streams of water flowing over rocks that were man-made. There was a rectangular shaped rock with grooves chiseled into it. Another boulder looked as if it had been separated into two sections by driving a wedge between. It is worth climbing to the top to measure the view. The evening show is well worth a look. It is time for the sun to set and the sky will gradually change color. The sun slowly but surely descended to the horizon at the end of a relaxing evening.

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