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Kalkudah Beach

Kalkudah Beach

Kalkudah beach is located 282km east of Colombo on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Paskuda Beach is located south of Kalkudah Beach. The East Coast extends to the beautiful beaches of Nilaveli and Uppuveli in Trincomalee on the northeast coast of the Yala National Park (southeast).

Holidays in Kalkudah, a picturesque coastal town, are a great opportunity to relax amidst the white sandy beaches and stunning cliffs. Undeterred, Kalkudah is a beautiful beach on the east coast of Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful destination. A great choice for a tropical trip. A view of tropical paradise; This secluded beach offers a spectacular sunset in the evening. Kalkudah, adorned with coconut trees, is an ideal place for swimming. The water here is more than a kilometer above the knee.

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Tourists wishing to visit Kalkudah have the opportunity to indulge in many activities such as cycling around the city to gain a unique understanding of the local culture. An in-depth look at the simple and rustic lives of the fishermen adds to the fascinating experience of its picturesque villages and charming surroundings. Visitors can engage in a variety of activities in the middle of the soft sands, including clear sapphire water and windsurfing, and water skiing. Kalkudah Beach and Pasikudah are both great options for diving and snooker, and the beach is a collection of colorful corals and marine life.

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