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Kandy Perahera 2024 – A Colourful Festival in Sri Lanka

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey to explore Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage? The Kandy Esala Perahera, also known as Kandy Perahera 2024, is a vibrant celebration showcasing Sri Lanka’s uniqueness. This grand festival, held annually in Kandy, is a spectacle of colour, music, and dance that attracts visitors worldwide.

So, let’s explore everything you should know about the Kandy Esala Perahera 2024 before you visit. Read this article till the end to get a clear and complete idea of this vibrant cultural event in Sri Lanka.

The Legend of the Sacred Tooth Relic

The Kandy Esala Perahera is not merely a festival. Instead, it is a centuries-old sacred event in Sri Lanka. Central to this grand celebration is the Temple of the Tooth, a revered Buddhist shrine in the heart of Kandy. This hallowed temple safeguards a sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha, a relic of immense spiritual significance.

Moreover, the Perahera, held in August, is a majestic procession honouring this sacred relic. The relic is carried through the vibrant streets of Kandy. This stunning sensation of traditional arts and cultural richness is a moving tribute to the tooth relic. It showcases the deep reverence and devotion of the Sri Lankan people.

A Feast for the Senses – The Kandy Perahera Procession

Imagine a parade unlike any you’ve ever seen. The Kandy Perahera 2024 features a breathtaking procession of Asian elephants, dancers in vibrant costumes, drummers setting a pulsating rhythm, and fire-breathers adding a touch of magic. As the procession winds through the city, you’ll be immersed in a symphony of sights and sounds that transport you to another world.

Furthermore, the Perahera is more than just a visual spectacle; it is a deeply spiritual experience. The rhythmic drumming, the sound of unique Sri Lankan instruments, and the scent of incense create an atmosphere of reverence and wonder. Consequently, you’ll feel a connection to Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage, passed down through generations.

Kandy Perahera is More Than Just a Parade

The Kandy Perahera is not just a single event; rather, it is a series of celebrations spanning several days in July and August. During this time, Kandy comes alive with various cultural performances, from traditional dances to musical concerts. You can explore the city’s bustling markets, where you’ll find unique handicrafts and souvenirs. Or you can simply relax and soak up the festive atmosphere.

Additionally, the Perahera is a time for communities to come together, celebrate their shared heritage, and express their devotion. As a visitor, you’ll witness this unique cultural phenomenon firsthand. You will immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s rich traditions and create lasting memories.

Explore Kandy Esala Perahera 2024: Key Highlights

Kandy Perahera, Sri Lanka – Time Table 2024

Actually, Kandy Perahera comprises two distinct phases as, the Kumbal Perahera and the Randoli Perahera. The Kumbal Perahera marks the initial five nights, featuring vibrant processions with whip crackers, flag bearers, and adorned elephants. However, the Randoli Perahera is the grand finale, spanning five more nights and showcasing The Karanduwa to the public.

So, you should have a proper idea about the dates of these two types of Perahera before visiting there. Here’s the officially released timetable for Kandy Perahera 2024!

Kumbal Perahera

  • 1st Kumbal Perahera – 10th August 2024
  • 2nd Kumbal Perahera – 11th August 2024
  • 3rd Kumbal Perahera – 12th August 2024
  • 4th Kumbal Perahera – 13th August 2024
  • 5th Kumbal Perahera – 14th August 2024

Randoli Perahera and more

  • 1st Randoli Perahera – 15th August 2024
  • 2nd Randoli Perahera – 16th August 2024
  • 3rd Randoli Perahera – 17th August 2024
  • 4th Randoli Perahera – 18th August 2024

Final Randoli Perahera (The Grand Randoli Procession) – 19th August 2024

  • Diya Kapeema (The Water Cutting Ceremony – 20th August 2024
  • Day Perahera – 21st August 2024

Plan Your Trip – Catch the Magic of Kandy Perahera 2024

The Kandy Esala Perahera 2024 typically takes place in July or August, coinciding with the Esala full moon. The exact dates vary each year, so it’s important to check the official schedule before planning your trip.

Watching Lanka, your trusted travel partner can help you plan your Kandy Perahera 2024 adventure. We offer a range of tour packages that include accommodation, transportation, and guided tours of the Perahera and other cultural attractions in Kandy. Our experienced guides will ensure you have a comfortable and unforgettable experience.


The Kandy Perahera 2024 is more than just a festival. Instead, it is a journey to explore the spirit and soul of Sri Lanka. It’s a celebration of faith, culture, and tradition that will leave you inspired and enchanted. Let Watching Lanka be your guide to this magical experience and discover the true essence of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage.

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