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Kithal Ella Falls

Kithal Ella Falls

Kithal Ella (Height: 23 m) is also one of the must-visit destinations in Ella. However, even if you find it a bit difficult to find a specific route for Kithal Ella if you decide to travel from Ella Station to Kithal Railway Station or use the train service from Ella Station to Kithal Railway Station.

The distance between Ella and Kithal Falls is about 2.4 km across the railway line. No shifts are required as this is easily accessible on the way to Ella Rock. Start the journey from Ella Station to Kitalella Station. There is a bridge over the waterfall just in front of the train station. You can get to the bottom of the fall by taking a small path to your right.

The fall at the top is the most beautiful full fall with blue water and shallow edges. During the rainy season, the waterfall is as beautiful as a snow queen. It doesn’t fit anyone else when it is rhythmically degraded. But during the dry season, the waterfall dries up and the water level drops slightly. It’s more of a crystalline thing than it is in the rainy season.

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