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Knife Edge (Katusu Konda)

Knife Edge (Katusu Konda)

It is a strange experience for us to experience the beauty of the environment in an adventurous way. Walking on the “knife-edge” at the end of the Hanthana mountain range is also an adventurous experience. It is also known as Katusu Konda. It gets its name from the fact that it is a lofty peak with a narrow top like the backbone of a lizard. Looking down from here there is a very dangerous steep slope. If you stumble or fall, you will not be able to have faith in life.

If you are going to see this the easiest way is to go towards Peradeniya. You have to pass about 7km from Peradeniya to reach the Sarasawigama. You can take a bus until you reach the Sarasawigama. If you want to go beyond that you have to go on a three-wheeler or on foot. It’s another 4km from Sarasavigama to Upland. About 2km along the uphill road in front of the small temple and shop in Upland, you will find a few small houses. The footpath to the mountain is found only after you have gone through those small houses.

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All you have to do is climb up one of these trails. It is a very tiring journey in the hot sun. Somehow, after completing this difficult journey and reaching the top of the mountain, the view is that all your fatigue is gone. Not only this, with the help of wind you can be fresh. From the top of the hill, you can see a 360 view of Kandy city, peacocks hills, Kabaragala, Alagalla, knuckles mountain range, and Hunnasgiriya. Also, next to the Katusu Konda is an Ura mountain. There is also a small natural cave at the top of the hill. If you want to explore the beauty of nature, then this is the place for you.

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