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Kokagala Mountain

Kokagala Mountain

Sri Lanka has become one of the most popular destinations in the world in recent years. Decorated with beautiful landscapes and scenic beaches, Sri Lanka is one of the best places to vacation. Sri Lanka is also a great place to spend some free time, with beautiful forests. The country has been blessed with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites through which foreign experience can be gained.

Kokagala is a rock located in the Ampara District near the town of Padiyathalawa. It is bordered by Badulla and Ampara districts. It is located at an altitude of 687 meters (2,254 feet). This is known as the 19th highest mountain in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, it touches the Maduru Oya Forest Reserve. Although Kokagala has no historical value, it was used by two surveyors during the colonial period. Kokagala is a typical dry zone forest. This first climb you can climb up using supports that are a bit harder.

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The forest consists of two canopies. The view at the end of the first canopy is not so clear but you can see a beautiful view at the end of the second canopy. The second forest canopy is relatively flat. Then you have to walk on a relatively flat surface to reach the summit. Kokagala Conference is a flat area of about 100 acres. The highest point has been identified by carved inscriptions made by two British surveyors. Evidence suggests that Erskine (1910) and John Silva (1921) were here. Erskine’s testimonies about Galpadihela and Kukulagala are also found here. Since it is located at the top of the hill we have to walk to a corner to enjoy the surrounding view.

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