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Kosgoda in Sri Lanka

Kosgoda in Sri Lanka

Kosgoda is a popular tourist destination located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is located approximately 72 km (45 miles) from Colombo, at an altitude of 1 m (3.3 ft) above sea level. Due to its beautiful beaches, Kosgoda Lagoon, and its turtle and turtle breeding grounds, this area is becoming one of the most scenic tourist destinations in the Galle District of Sri Lanka. This place is also known as the perfect place to watch birds and boat trips.

Kosgoda is a city famous for its traditional cinnamon cultivation, fishing, and production. Kosgoda is especially famous for its sea turtle conservation project led by the Wildlife Conservation Association of Sri Lanka. Established in 1988 to protect Sri Lankan turtles from extinction. At these conservation centers, the baby turtles are protected until they are quite large and sent back to sea. They also keep disabled turtles in the same place and provide them with the necessary protection.

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This is a great opportunity to see the turtles as well as study their lifestyles. Alligator turtles are found in some places. But taking photos with them is forbidden. Kosgoda is also a great place to have fun at the beach and enjoy seafood.

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