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Kudawa beach

Kudawa beach

Kudawa is an area with more foreigners than Sri Lankans. In fact, tourists can be seen on the streets along the Kudawa beach. So if you want to get to Kudawa you have to take a bus from Colombo to Kalpitiya. Or you can take a bus to Puttalam, get off at Palavi Junction and board a Kalpitiya bus. You can go on this trip even by train. Then you can have a separate experience. In the middle of the Anavilundawa jungle, you can only see the beautiful greenery of the train passing through Bangadeniya. The trek through the jungle and the salt flats to Palavi is truly a scenic one.

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If you go to this area there are 2 places to camp. One is Kudawa beach camping and the other is Battalangunduwa beach camping. So if you are going to camp here, don’t forget to bring your essentials. Because it is difficult to find shops nearby. If you have time on the way you can also visit the Talawila Church. This Talawila Church is a place of great devotion to the Catholics. On the way, you have to pass the Norochcholai power plant. Kudawa is a place with amazing beauty all around. This is a great opportunity to have fun until you have enough. Looking at the starry night sky after setting up the tents is really fascinating. This is a place where you can tell delicious stories, sing songs, and have fun.

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