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Lakegala Mountain

Lakegala Mountain

Lakegala Mountain, located in Meemure, a rural village, is well known in the hills of Sri Lanka for its unique shape and enormous size. Climbing Lakegala is one of the most popular mountaineering destinations in Sri Lanka. “The Rock of Lanka” is the meaning of “Lakegala” in the Sinhala language. Inspired by the many legends and tales around the mountain, this unique geological feature as well as the adventurous experience has made it popular among local and foreign tourists. Rising above the surroundings like a silent giant, this mountain is world-famous as the tallest rock in the world.

Lakegala Mountain is located 175 km from the capital city of Colombo. This mountain is located in the ancient village of Meemure and is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. There are several access points to Lakegala located near the border between Kandy and Matale districts. The rock is about 1,310 meters high and is located in the Knuckles Range. Reaching the top of the mountain is a bit difficult while the last 300 meters of the trek are very difficult. Adventurous people are worth a try. If you go to the top of Lakegala mountains you will get a clear view of the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. It’s definitely a sight to watch because it is amazing. The mountain is covered with beautiful wildflowers and you can see eagles soaring in the sky.

You can climb this triangular mountain in Sri Lanka at any time of the year, but keep in mind that due to adverse weather conditions, certain periods of the year can be quite dangerous to climb. The best time to climb the mountain in August and early September. The climate is dry and there are no strong winds for the summit. Note that climbing the peak of the mountain can only be done with dedicated climbing equipment and can only be accessed by specialized expert climbers. So be careful. Be equipped with appropriate climbing gear with equipment, water, and food. It is important that you avoid bringing any polythene or any kind of contaminant, as it can destroy the unique ecosystem around the mountain. And it would be sad to forget to bring your camera or Go-Pro because like the landscape that the mountain provides, it is a great opportunity to photograph the scenery from the forest to the top of the hill.

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