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Lankaramaya in Sri Lanka

Lankaramaya in Sri Lanka

lankaramaya is located in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura. Lankaramaya is a stupa built by king valagamba (vattagamini abaya) in Sri Lanka. This temple has a long history. There is an elephant pond (eth pokuna) at lankaramaya and it is an ancient man-made pond.

The lankaramaya stupa was built on the 1st century. The most compelling feature that used to include was an eighty-eight columned vantage. The main feature of the Sri lankaramaya temple is the massive Buddha statue.

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Many devotees go to worship lankarama temple and it is an interesting place for Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Lankarama temple includes moonstones and erect guardian stones. There are many monuments which date back over many years.  Lankaramaya is a historical valuable place in Sri Lanka.

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