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Little adam’s peak in Ella

Sri Lanka is a country surrounded by mountains and is a beautiful tourist destination. Ella is a hilly city in Sri Lanka. Some of Ella’s mountaineering ideas are unique with the area well known for its tea plantations and scenic ridges. If you want to enjoy some of the best views without having to climb for hours, Little Adams Peak is a great trip, especially for an unforgettable sunset. “Punchi Sri Pada” is another name for this hilltop. Its height is 1141 meters. Little Adams Peak attracts many tourists to Sri Lanka. You can get a valuable view with the gradual easy climb to the top of Little Adam’s Peak.

You can walk about 1.5 km from the main lane of Ella. The junction is adjacent to the Ella Flower Garden. The road to Little Adam Speak on the main road is marked. An alternative entrance is also located at 98 acres resort and marked by a white Buddha. There was no entrance fee for Little Adam’s climb. The trail starts at a slight incline and runs through tea plantations. You will also have the opportunity to see women plucking tea leaves. If you keep your eyes open, there are some good photo opportunities in the early stages of enhancement.

The entire route is marked with well-maintained roads and stairs for first viewing angles. Once you get to the top of Little Adam’s Hill there are perfect platforms, rocks, and scenery for photos. However, you can continue along the top of the hill and the view is better. It will take around 35-45 min to reach the top of the mountain on a zig-zag path. Thus it is an ideal place to watch the sunrise in the morning. With prodigious views of as far as Ella rock and down to the gap will be gorgeous. During the journey, you will encounter the Flying Ravana and don’t forget to experience that as well.

It is important to say, ‘Don’t forget to get up early and climb the mountain’. Otherwise, you will feel tired. Do not forget to take a bottle of water with you. Also, make sure to dispose of waste such as plastic and polythene at the appropriate places.

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