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Loggala Oya Dam

Loggala Oya Dam

This Loggala Oya Reservoir is found on the Mahiyangana-Badulla main road. It is a beautiful reservoir located in the area between Ridimaliyadda and Kandaketiya. The specialty of this place is that the Badulla-Mahiyangana main road is located on the dam of the reservoir. Also, the exit of this reservoir is in a beautiful shape. There is a small viewing area near the exit where you can park and relax and take a nice photograph. This reservoir is a reservoir of the Mahaweli Great Project and is fed by the water coming from the Randenigala Reservoir through the main canal, the Badulu Oya, and the small streams in the area.

The main function of this is to provide water to Mahaweli farmers through the ZD canal. This area can be described as an accident-prone area. This is the area where accidents that you often hear about in the media, such as a vehicle overturning into the Loggal Oya Reservoir, a vehicle overturning into a Zd canal, and elephants being swept away by a flood in the Zd canal. Bathing in the water from the outlet of the reservoir is not safe at all. If you are caught in a water current while swimming, there is no escape. So avoid swimming here. If you are a driver, you should drive the car on the water of the reservoir and experience that beautiful experience at least once in your life, enjoying the cool breeze that blows over the reservoir.

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