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Lovers Leap in Trincomalee

Lovers Leap in Trincomalee

Lovers Leap is one of the most spectacular views of the coastal city of Trincomalee. On the way to Rameshwaram Kovil, you can find a famous lover’s leap. According to legend, some believe that a girl named Francisco van Reed fell off a cliff because she lost her boyfriend who was sailing on a ship, and that is why she got this fame.

With the death of a girl named Francisco, some of the love failed couples made it a habit to jump out of the crack after going to the temple and praying to see each other in the next birth. Authorities have now taken steps to build a security fence to protect visitors. However, today it is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the coastal city of Trincomalee.

It is recommended that watch the lovers leap in the morning or at sunset. You are not allowed to wear shoes when going to Konaswaram Kovil. As the Konaswaram Kovil is located a few meters away from the rock, you are also advised to visit the Konswaram Kovil when you go to see the lovers leap.

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On your way, as you climb the mountain to see your lovers leap, you will see different, different vendors selling different local dishes, such as cassava chips, peanuts, gram. If you have a sensitive stomach, be sure not to eat from these vendors. The beautiful location will give you a wonderful view of the east coast of Sri Lanka.

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