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“Madol Duwa” in Koggala, Sri Lanka

Koggala is one of the famous tourists’ attraction places in Sri Lanka. It is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Visitors can enjoy the boat trips in the lagoon and Koggala Lake to explore other tiny islands and the biodiversity around the Koggala site. Madol Duwa is one of seven islands located on the Koggala Lake. A boat ride down the lake is soothing. When you reach the town of Koggala, you will find many hand-written signs that will lead you towards ‘Madol Duwa’. Madol Duwa is located is just 30 minutes south of Galle. Once you reach the island, you will notice a well-used path that will take you around the island. It is a surprisingly small island that can be explored within a few minutes. However what is most fascinating is that this island blossomed in the imagination of Mr. Wickramasinghe. Madol Duwa is a yet another island whereas became very well-known through the famous ‘Madol Duwa’ book.

This novel was written by Martin Wickramasinghe. He is identified as a most renowned writer in the late 20th century. Martin Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka’s best-known author of novels and short stories first published the fictional short novel “Madol Duwa” in 1947. Literally translated it means Mangrove Island and has been translated into nine languages and sold over a million copies. The history of Madol duwa book recounts the misadventures of Upali Giniwella and his friends on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka during the 1890s. It later describes the efforts of ‘Upali’ and his friend ‘Jinna’ to lead their lives in a small deserted island. Their struggle to success their lives in the deserted island named Madol Duwa is elaborated through the story. Even the story was made into a film in 1976. Koggala is the hometown of author Martin Wickramasinghe. His birth house has now become the Koggala museum of folk culture consist of wood, furniture, traditional masks and costumes of folk dancers.

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Koggala Lake is a very large unspoiled freshwater lake which contains quite a few historical and interesting islands and it is located within a few kilometers away from town. Bird watching at evening is breathtaking. At the entire lagoon is teamed with prawns and birds. You are allowed to take boat trips and explore the islands around the Koggala Lake. There are heaps of boats around here offering tours. Well worth Madolduwa boat safaris can be arranged in the lake to see the famous island Madolduwa along with the other minor islands. While journeying down the lake you would notice many other islands covered in greenery. From within, bird- calls could be heard momentarily, as they compete with the sound of the motorboat. Prawn catchers patiently wait while meaty prawns make their way to the nets. The boat will slow down from time to time, allowing you to absorb the scenery and the beauty of Madolduwa.

On your way to ‘Madol Duwa,’ these islands will be found. The first island is ‘kathduwa’. When you reach the island Madolduwa there you can see the mangrove roots that girded the island, the thick mud along the shore and an opening in the rocks that guarded a beach that was almost clear of mud and had a tiny wooden dock. ‘Sekku gala’, the well magnified at Madol Dowa novel is still remaining at the Madol Duwa Island. Nowadays it is going to be polluted due to the misbehaviors of the peasantry around the area. Madol Duwa island has become a famous place in southern part of Sri Lanka due to remarkable creatures and incidents happened around here. The number of both foreign and local tourists visit Madol Duwa island today. It has become a famous tourist hub emerged with Madolduwa tourism. Once you have explored the island, head over to a bookshop and buy a copy of ‘Madol Duwa’. It will definitely help you re-imagine a much familiar landscape that you have visited. And also for sure, it will remain with you as a splendid memory within your tour to Sri Lanka.

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