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Maragala Kanda

Maragala Kanda

Monaragala is a very hot city. It would be correct to say that Maragala Kanda, which is dragged behind the city by the mist, is a place that challenges that dry quality. Mount Maragala can be identified as the highest mountain in the Monaragala district. This mountain is about 2500 feet high and has a cold climate. Due to this a plantation company called Jeelon was started here during the English rule and tea was cultivated.

Today, a rubber plantation stretches for more than 10 km. The mountains are also covered with forests and settlements. Mountains such as Sita Kanda, Galabedda Kanda, Ethgala, and Habaratthagala can be seen there. The town of Monaragala as well as the villages of Galabada Arawa and Obbegoda are supplied with water from a reservoir built across the waterways and its natural springs. When you go along the Pola Road to the south near the Monaragala Clock Tower you will find the road leading to the Jeelon Estate.

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You can reach the top of the hill by trekking 8km along the road and walking a short distance. At the bottom of the hill, you can see a beautiful view of Uva. This hill can also be reached by passing near Weliyaya Junior School which is 4km away from Moneragala. Maragala Kanda can also be reached through the Galabada Arawa area and the Obbegoda area. Although it is very difficult to climb Mount Maragala, it is possible to achieve a more beautiful and spectacular experience. The southern slope of the mountain is very cold and infested with leeches. Although Monaragala is an extremely dry region, many of these features can be identified around Maragala Mountain, which amazes even environmental analysts. It is possible to see many plants found in the Maragala Kanda Sinharaja forest.

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