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Marakkala ella Water Fall

Marakkala ella Water Fall

You will find Marakkala Falls about 3 km from Pelmadulla town which belongs to the Ratnapura district. The height here is about 6 or 7 meters. Despite its short stature, this waterfall is very beautiful. Marakkala Falls is also known as Kaluwala Falls. This small waterfall is created from the Ringamapola waterway. The stream flows through the Hettikanda, Narangoda, and Bulathwatte hills.

This can be reached by following the estate road near the Ganegama temple on the Pelmadulla – Ratnapura main road. If you go by a small vehicle you can reach near the waterfall. Although this is a small waterfall, many lives have been lost to it. Mostly negligence and accidents while drinking alcohol. Locals say this is a place where lives are immolation. Be sure to leave only footprints. If you love nature, nature will protect you.

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Some time ago, a Muslim youth by the name of Marakkala had come here to fish and had spent the night drunk and had tied the fishing line around his leg. A large rope was caught in the water and the young man was dragged into the water and lost his life. The villagers believe that this place has been known as Marakkala Falls ever since.

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