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Monaragala in Sri Lanka

Monaragala in Sri Lanka

Monaragala is a town situated in the uva province. This is the largest town in the Monaragala district. Monaragala is situated 57.3kilimetres  southeast of Badulla. Monaragala is on the Colombo- Batticaloa main road.

There are many tourist attractions destinations in Sri Lanka.  there are many beautiful hotels and attractive places at Monaragala. Biso pokuna, prasanna safari are some of the top attractions to visit in monaragala.many people hoping to make a private safari at bundala national park.

There are many historical valuable places in Monaragala. The dematamal viharaya is also one of those. It is an ancient historical valuable Buddhist temple in the okkampitiya village in Monaragala district. Monaragala city is rich in natural vegetation. The distance between Colombo to Monaragala is 246 kilometres. Monaragala is an interesting place.

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