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Mutukelina Wewa

Mutukelina Wewa

This is one of the hidden jewels that has attracted the attention of tourists in Kandy. Mutukelina Lake has located 17 km from Kandy, surrounded by mountains. Mutukelina Wewa is situated in Pathahewaheta, Kandy. It is really an amazing place. This tank is located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level and covers an area of about 15,000 square meters. It is a very small lake. And it is not so much attractive.

Although the lake is not the main attraction, the view of the lake is a must-see. On a hilltop near the lake, you can see a beautiful view of the Kandyan hills. To reach this lake take the Ampitiya Road from Kandy to Thalathuoya. Take the same route from Thalathuoya to Belwood and cross Pathahewaheta. Google Maps shows half of the Pathahewaheta. Continue this route for a few more kilometers to reach Muthukelina Weva.

There is a grassy summit at the lake. It is the most important and beautiful thing in it. From there a large area can be seen. You can even see Victoria Reservoir from there. Ask anyone how you can get to Moragolla and get to Muthukelina. They will definitely help you.

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