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Nalagana Ella Falls

Nalagana Ella Falls

In addition to its coastline and rich cultural history, Sri Lanka is also known for its tropical rainforests and waterfalls. Nalagana Falls in Dedugala is about 9 km east of Bulathkohupitiya and Kitulgala is about 40 km from the adventurous town. Each of these chutes reaches a height of about 40 m. This waterfall is also known as Ritigaha Oya Waterfall. It is a tributary of the Kelani River and is known as the Ritigaha Oya Reservoir.

Due to the presence of trees in the area, the waterfall is not directly visible from the road. Visitors have to walk about 250 meters towards the river to see their first sight. This area is best during the day between February and April. A deep rock pool is located at the foot of the falls, but visitors should be reminded that the water level can rise rapidly and that they can be notified in a moment without warning, and that precautions should be taken not to travel in rainy weather.

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This area is also famous for leeches; You can use repellents such as leech socks or citrus oil. To protect the natural beauty of Sri Lanka, visitors are requested not to carry plastic items on their travels and to ensure that all items carried with them are brought back.

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